Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters


OMG. That picture… *sigh*


Inspired by the rich gold and black of Dolce and Gabbana’s A/W 2012 collection, I saw this fabric and knew it was meant to be.  Just finished over Thanksgiving weekend, it’s been a great relief since I haven’t sewn anything this ambitious in a long time.


A to Z characteristics | Disney girls (not including Pixar) • insp


Sassy John…


Oh my.
Well that’s certainly not cocaine, then wtf did you take sherlock.

bug creeping up behind him just makes me think of doctor who/donna . __ . ;;;;


cardiac wallpaper

available here

thx to juliaclementine for showing me :)



from Passing English of the Victorian Era

I’m gonna bring this back if it’s the last thing I do

This is the greatest linguistic discovery in the English language since the pedigree of feels.


One time when Sirius was helping out with Mrs. Potter’s baking she asked him to stir the batter and he replied with a “sure, Mom” and almost dropped the bowl as he realised what he said. But then James sneaked up behind him to try and stick his finger in the batter and Mrs. Potter slapped at his hand and complained about her messy sons, and Sirius just beamed

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."

—Oscar Wilde


Typhon on Flickr.


When I look at the pictures I took of Sarajevo, I always get deeply melancholic. To know you belong to a country but you simply cannot live there…that’s the problem with the Bosnian diaspora - we are everywhere, but not where our hearts belong to.


You know what I hate? When people get pissed off when you tell them you don’t want them to touch you. Like excuse me, I don’t actually want you to touch my arm. I don’t want a hug right now. I don’t give a shit if you’re family. I don’t care if the phrase “I don’t want to be touched” puts you off. Just don’t fucking touch me.

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